Dragula- Official Soundtrack( Seasons 4, 5, and Titans)

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This limited edition CD covers all the haunting tracks used throughout the Boulet Brothers Dragula seasons 4, 5 and Titans! 

CD Track Listing

1.Meet Our Monsters

2.Boulet Brothers Entrance Theme

3.Titans Of Terror

4.Welcome To The Weird Wild West

5.Metal For The Gods

6.A Ravenous Pack

7.Bind the Demons

8.Filth Theme

9.Horror Theme

10.Sea Monsters

11.Basic Bitch Zombie Prom

12.Dungeons And Drag Queens

13.Horror Icons

14.SCI-FI Horror

15.Ugly Ladies Of Wrestling

16.Terror In The Woods

17.Trash Can Children

18.The Crowning

19.Dragula Theme Song